Big Pussy Ruined Lisa Regina’s Life

The normal effervescent Lisa Regina is now in seclusion after the alleged beating by former Soprano’s star Vincent Pastore.

He promised he would love her for the rest of his life. He said he wanted to marry her. He told her they would have children – something she had always dreamed of. She had even bought her wedding dress. Now she is in hiding, cared for by friends, terrified of the man who shared her life for two years.

“The wedding was set for June 18. Everything was in place. She had her wedding dress. They’d booked a hotel in Atlantic City. He’s an Atlantic City person. They had the place, the caterer. And he’s said they weren’t really going to get married – yet the cops found documentation that he was the one who made the reservations for the hotel. “He gave her a ring, and now he’s saying he was just letting her wear it so that he could trick her into meeting his parents. She’s crushed … “She’s embarrassed in front of her family, her nieces, her nephews. Her whole family has been rocked by this.”

Pastore may regret his words. Prosecutors have obtained tapes and letters, in which he waxes eloquent about their impending marriage. They also have tapes in which he talks about the “demons” and the “voices in his head that confuse him,” the Daily News has learned. And a new eyewitness has come forward to describe how Pastore tossed Regina “like a football” onto the sidewalk on April 5. He was charged with two counts of assault, attempted assault and harassment. He pleaded not guilty.

But Regina fears that the burly 58-year-old actor will find her and hurt her again. As her battered body and spirit heal, Schwartz, who is helping Regina press charges against the man she loved, spoke with The News about her condition. “She’s distraught,” Schwartz told The News. “Like many battered women, she is afraid he’s going to come after her again. “He grabbed her by the hair in that car, yanking her head back so hard she bounced forward, hitting the gear shift. We believe that’s where she got her black eye. He punched her more on the head. Then he threw her out of the car. “She’s a petite little woman. She’s about 5’5″ and 110 pounds. He probably eats more than she weighs.

Let the bastard fry.

If you’re battered and in need of help, contact Safe Horizon at (800) 621-HOPE.

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