‘Big Love’ Celebrates Its Season Premiere

June 9th, 2007 // 10 Comments

With many of HBO’s hit shows having ended, the cable network is looking to “Big Love” to pick up some slack. Is an hourlong drama about a Mormonish polygamous family living in Utah going to do that? We said the same thing about “Six Feet Under” and it’s funeral director premise. Here’s what to expect in Season two:

Issues of both faith and sex take a backseat to family politics and revenge. Barb’s mini-breakdown solidifies the women’s relationships — Bill may have the final word on things in the Henrickson household, but he sometimes has a hard time getting that word in edgewise. “There are four of us in this marriage, Bill,” Nicki informs him when he is not dealing with Barb to the other wives’ satisfaction (and any joyful visions of multiple sex partners dancing in viewers’ heads die an icy death).

It does sound like perverse fun.


More photos from the “Big Love” season premiere party after the jump.


(I hope you’re all happy now. Learning is fun.)

By Jessica Marx

  1. grammarpolice

    Perhaps you can correct the headline by replacing “It’s” with “Its”,

  2. Sunshy

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but the chick in the orange dress is totally flashing us her cooch and even showing a bit of tampon string…sick!!!

    I don’t know if that was photoshopped or not…but it’s definitely showing something!!!

  3. shadygoddess

    Hey grammarpolice,

    Is it true that “impact” can be used as both a verb and a noun?

    It makes my ears want to retch when I hear someone say that something “has impacted” their life, their career, etc… *shudder*

  4. Sebastian

    It’s a contraction of it is


    It ain’t rocket surgery. It’s 3rd grade English.

  5. Mizz Thang

    Dear ShadyGoddess:

    Yes, “impacted” may be used as a verb, but it’s (correct contraction for “it is”, unlike our dear blogger’s grammatical skills comes up short–and often) better used when one actually means “impacted” instead of “affected,” as it is an intransitive verb. Kinda like how Bush’s “I’m the decider” isn’t incorrect, but it sounds childish (“decision-maker” would have been the more intelligent choice).

  6. Phil Shubano


    That is not a tampon string, that is one of the letters on the sign behind her … geez.

  7. jill

    rocket surgery….that’s new.

  8. gail

    I’m a high school English teacher, and I was going to give the same grammar lesson; although many high school sophomores cannot figure out “it’s” and “its” even when I explain and explain and explain.

  9. Luv ya bitches

    Fu*king Losers! You bitches need to get laid!!!

  10. Meazy


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