Big F-ing Surprise, Anna Nicole Judge Is Getting Show Offers

February 27th, 2007 // 10 Comments


The assistant to the wacky judge in the Anna Nicole Smith court proceedings currently underway in Broward County in Florida has admitted that Florida Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin has been contacted by a slew of television companies and networks hoping to capitalize on the headlines he’s been making with his emotional behavior during this high-profile case.

CBS is included on the list of parties looking to woo Seidlin and has offered him his own segment on the weekend “Early Show.”

“I have been extremely impressed by your compassion in the Anna Nicole case, and I would love to discuss with you the idea of being a judge on a new segment, ‘Morning Justice’,” Michael Rosen, the show’s senior producer, wrote in a letter to the judge.

I know Seidlin hasn’t publicly stated if he’s going to do any TV or not after this, but for real, it just seems to add to the general grossness of the whole situation. That is, unless someone’s interested in offering me a TV show based on my outrageous blogs about what’s been going on. Because then it would be okay.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Choncho

    N/S–he was shopping around for a TV show before the trial even started.

  2. Louis

    If this judge was shopping around for a tv show before this trial, that’s fine.
    But if he wasn’t he needs some help. He was to emotionally attached to this case.

  3. bedbugsandballyhoo

    As a judge, you know he has been through trials and hearings much more heart wrenching and tragic than this one. I agree; either he is acting, or he seriously had a thing for her. You know he doesn’t break down on the bench like that all the time, or he would be dismissed. Personally, I found his performance extremely distasteful.

  4. Reality, Schmee-ality!!

    You know, where’s Judge Judy when you need her! He needs his bony-a$$ kicked seven-ways-to-Sunday!!

  5. Sue

    I would sooner eat my own children than watch this jackass on tv. I can’t believe they are actually rewarding his asinine behavior. Clearly, this guy is starving for attention. I wonder what strings he pulled to get himself assigned to this case, anyway. Let this loser fade into the obscurity he so obviously fears, already.

  6. pink_orchid

    the man is paid to be impartial and if this is a case to bring him to “tears”? please! J. Harvey said it best THE MAN IS A DONKEY!

  7. Tine

    He’s an asshole.

  8. Sissy

    The man should be yanked from the bench and sent back to driving a cab. He’s a disgrace.

  9. lolita lopez

    He’s an embarassment, a phony, a fool, and anyone who doesn’t think this moron played this stupid trial for all its worth is also a moron.

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