Big Time Rush Is Big Time Cute In Australia As Break-Up Rumors Continue To Persist

Oh hello there Big Time Rush. Thanks for being super hot today.

The band was spotted being their silly and cute selves earlier today in front of the Sydney Opera House in Australia. It looks like they’re filming something, what with all those cameras.

Ooo, and look, Kendall looks to be hanging out with a blow up kangaroo. That’s one way to “meet” a kangaroo. So, while we know that the boys aren’t breaking up because of their cancelled TV show, rumors are still swirling that a break-up is coming. 

And it’s all because of a lady. Band member Carlos Pena Jr recently became engaged to actress Alexa Vega and according to a source at TMZ, she’s trying to Yoko Ono the group. “[Carlos’] fiancee is demanding that he spend more time with her — away from the group.  She feels he’s not pulling his weight in the wedding-planning department, and Carlos is feeling the pressure.”

Umm, I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit on this source and this rumor. Sure she probably wants to spend more time with Carlos, but that’s what’s going to break-up the band? Yeah, not so much. Alexa herself was even annoyed with the rumors, Tweeting:

It’s nice when the BTR fans are on your side, isn’t it Alexa? So what do you guys think about the rumors? Calling bullshit as well? Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the boys being cute in Australia, then leave us your thoughts on the matter in the comments below!