Big Time Rush Braves Some Big Time Rain In New York City

Kendall & Logan Shirtless
The Big Time Rush boys hit the beach!
Run, Big Time Rush! I believe in your abilities!

The boys of Big Time Rush, Carlos Pena Jr, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson, were spotted in New York City today trying not to get caught up in some bad NYC weather.

Big Time Rush is busy promoting their newest album, 24/Seven, which will officially be released tomorrow. Hey guys, you should come pay me a visit and promote your new album. Especially James. You know what, the rest of you stay in New York City and just send James. 

But I mean, if Kendall really wants to hop over to LA and give me hugs, I’m not gonna complain. So, can we talk about how much I love these photos? The best is that moment of deliberation where they’re like, “Should be go into the rain? Umbrella?” Although I do just love the mad dash to the car.

Oh, you boys. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos. Will you be buying 24/Seven tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!