Beyonce’s New Album ‘4’: A Flop?

Beyonce’s new album, 4, is set to release very soon, but Columbia Records is worried the record might flop! According to sources, the label is concerned that the lack of “hit songs that her fans are used to” might cause the album to do poorly.

In case this does happen, other sources say Columbia Records is thinking of a strategic back-up plan which may include the reunion of Destiny’s Child.  Nothing is certain as they may just be rumors, but Kelly Rowland might not be too eager to get back together with Beyonce, considering how well she’s doing on her own.

PHOTOS: Beyonce’s Dazed & Confused

By the looks of it, Beyonce seems to be doing well for herself.  She performed in concert this past week for the first time in over a year (see photos). Two singles from 4 have debuted, “Run the World (Girls)” and “Best Thing I Never Had”, and they’re not as bad as the record label is making them out to be.

How do you think her new album will do?  Share your thoughts with us.