Beyonce’s Hair Caught In Fan During Concert, Keeps On Signing

Beyonce With Family
Beyonce on a yacht with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy.
Fans can be so annoying.

During her Montreal stop on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Beyonce’s hair got stuck in a fan on stage during her performance of “Halo.” She continued to sing while stagehands frantically worked to set her free.

The star was eventually freed, prompting a huge cheer from the crowd at the Bell Centre in Montreal. 

She had another fan incident that was equally as bizarre recently. Bey is belting out her hit “Irreplaceable” when she reached down and grasped the unidentified fan’s hand. He reacted as if he had been electrified.

Mrs. Carter abandoned the song for a minute to kneel and give the fan a hug. That proved to be more than he could handle, apparently, as he promptly dropped to his knees.

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