Beyonce Tells Jay-Z To Lose Weight

If Beyonce can lose 20 pounds for her role in Dreamgirls, then by all means Jay-Z can do it for the couples upcoming wedding. So far it seems to be working. Jay-Z is said to have lost some 15 pounds already, and is one the right track to losing more.

Rap mogul Jay-Z has sparked rumours he’s planning to wed longtime girlfriend Beyonce Knowles after he shed several pounds on a strict new diet.

Former Destiny’s Child star Beyonce reportedly suggested her burly boyfriend shed a few pounds after pointing out he is 30 pounds heavier than when they started dating in 2003.

A source tells American publication In Touch, “Jay-Z was never fat, but he was getting chunky. Beyonce likes a little meat on his bones, but not too much.”

According to the source, Jay-Z’s biggest challenge was turning his back on his love for candy.

I think we all can say, candy is the hardest thing to give up. I could never give up my sweetriot cacoo nibs.

Beyonce puts Jay-Z on strict diet [IOL]