Beyonce Shapes Up

May 20th, 2009 // 7 Comments

What are the secrets to Beyonce‘s fabulous body and her stamina? Hard work and motivation. Blah, blah blah. Tell me something I don’t know already. In SELF magazine’s June issue, the singer revealed the secrets behind her fitness regime that helps keep her keep fit.

“It’s one thing to dance. It’s another thing to be able to sing at the same time. I have to be in shape,” the 10-time Grammy winner told the mag. “I feel like I’m an athlete on stage. I’m trying to do as much cardio as I can, so if I have a really long day of dancing [in rehearsals], then I’ll only run maybe 3 miles. If not, then I’ll run 6,” she explained.

One thing that Beyonce has really had to work on is her arms. “Ever since I was a little girl, my legs have been curvy and pretty muscular, but my arms have always been really skinny. They were so weak, I could barely hold a mic,” he told the mag. “But now I can do push-ups! Ten at a time!”

The girl could barley hold a mic! So inspiring! Wink wink.

Gallery Info: Singers Beyonce Knowles and husband Jay Z leaving a restaurant during her Tour arround Spain.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Sebastien

    Since when is this chunky chick considered “Fit”? She’s got fat around the knees, a big ass. I know someone who runs 6 miles, three times a week, and she’s half the size of Beyonce’.

  2. Kerri

    I’ve never been able to figure out what’s so ‘fit’ about Beyonce. She’s got a gigantic A** and her jeans always look like they’re screaming for air. She’s got a few more miles to run.

  3. shardy

    the ONLY time this fat piece of garbage is
    EVER “in shape” is after a Photoshop(TM)
    artist gets a hold of her ugly chubby self

    she (like her husband)
    is simply / utterly disgusting.

    enough with her flabby, overrated ass.

  4. Nicky

    You people have warped body images. This chick is not fat. Overrated, yes, but fat, no. She’s not the fittest but she still looks alright in the outfit above if you ask me.

  5. superfab

    Oh Haters…..the girl is gorgeous and she works hard. What have You done lately?

  6. Claire

    Jelousy doesn’t get u any where people. beyonces not fat or over rated shes got an amazing figure, and there aint anything wrong with a big bum shes worked hard for her figure. curves are so much better than looking like a stick insect!!!

  7. nic

    i agree. who’s want to hug a stick?

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