Beyonce Postponed

It’s been a hard-knock life for Beyonce lately. As her latest album hasn’t made too many fans, and the reviews have not been kind to her either. Her two latest singles haven’t made the traditional bootylicious impression, and her music video caused a petition to further put salt in the wound.

A Sony insider explains that Papa Knowles is attempting to postpone the release of her album “B-day.” It would provide time to rework some tracks and add a few amenities like a duet with Shakira and another with Chris Brown.

The pressure is on as Mathew is playing dirty pool. So far a London tour has been cancelled, and the album has been leaked to the internet. Sony will have little choice but to allow the delay if Mr. Knowles has it his way.

Beyonce’s Album May Be Delayed [Media Take Out]

Written by Cara Harrington