Beyonce Poses

January 4th, 2007 // 2 Comments

It’s a good and a bad day for Beyonce. While she has learned she is ineligible for an Oscar in the songwriting category, she has been nominated for a SAG award. Albeit, not in the lead acting category, but in the ensemble category. As a consolation prize her single “Irreplaceable” held at number on the Billboard charts for the fifth week in a row.

More from Beyonce’s photo shoot after the jump.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. Tiggy Winkle

    Is it just me or does she always have that “dead-behind-the-eyes” kinda “Stepford wife quality? The pics of her on all fours doesn’t help much…

  2. anon

    It’s a good day for poorly done airbrushing. Good lord they couldn’t even make her look good.

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