Beyonce Lived On OJ

Brave little Beyonce dropped twenty pounds for her role in “Dreamgirls” thanks to only consuming meals that consisted of liquids. Eating like a newborn, the actress must have pooped soup just fit into her costumes for her role in “Dreamgirls.” After the film wrapped she went right back to her former eating regimen (which includes doughnuts) to fill out her former curves.

Having experienced the torture of removing solids from her diet, she doesn’t recommend the crash diet to anyone.

“But I need to lose it really quickly, and I put the weight back on as soon as I finished, so I am no smaller or bigger than I’ve always been. It was strictly for the movie.”

There was one highlight in filming the movie. She enjoyed seeing British men wearing hot pants and their “cute little haircuts” helped made the work more tolerable.

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Beyonce ‘Wouldn’t Recommend’ Liquid Diet [People]

Written by Cara Harrington

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