Beyonce Knowles Is B.B. Homemaker In “Why Don’t You Love Me”

If daisy dukes are going to be in for summer I wish someone had told be three months ago so I could have prepared. Or at least before this donut.

In a teaser for her new video “Why Don’t You Love Me”, a bonus track she wrote with sister Solange Knowles on the re-release of “I Am…Sasha Fierce,” Beyonce Knowles plays B.B. Homemaker and fixes a car in some damn short shorts and a tied plaid shirt.

She definitely one-upped Cameron Diaz’s look in Bad Teacher with shorter shorts and a why-did-you-even-bother loosely knotted shirt.

She seems fond of the Daisy Dukes taking them to the stage and the streets as well and showing she’s both got it and can flaunt it.  How could anyone not love that?

Check out the preview after the jump.