Beyonce Knowles Gets Lifted To Meet Jay-Z

April 6th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Low-key married couple Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z managed to whittle out some time from their intense schedules to grab lunch together at the French restaurant Pastis in New York’s Meatpacking district.

For the rare occasion of getting to see her man, B stepped out in some super-high heels that appear to have come straight out of the closet of her diva alter-ego Sasha Fierce.

This reminds me of her Ebony interview in which she admitted that when nobody’s looking, she rejects her high-fashion tendencies. “When I get home, I rebel against it and I don’t want to take care of anything. I drop it. I’m relaxed. I don’t have any shoes on. No make-up. My purse is in the kitchen.”

You know, the minute she walks into the house, she peels these suckers off and tosses them at a dart board.

Gallery Info: Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z leave the Pastis restaurant in New York.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Cara

    Where did she get those fierce heels???????

  2. Nicky

    They are YSL Tribute Too Croc heels. They’re just gorgeous but I could never afford them. I got a purple pair that are very similar but a lot cheaper and definitely not as good quality. I could only dream to own a pair of shoes like that.

  3. yourgoodtaste

    you women are stupid. those are ugly, waste of money, and will come back to haunt your back, kness and hip joints when your are older.

  4. Jess

    yourgoodtaste, any normal every day women would never wear those shoes every day all day. I doubt Beyonce even wore them all day. It’s not like we’re Posh Spice and all we wear are heels. Besides, I couldn’t even afford to ‘waste’ my money on them because they’re over $1000 a pair. By the sounds of it you’re not much into fashion. Everyone has different tastes so why use harsh words just because someone likes something you don’t.

  5. Simone

    I love those shoes!
    and worry not women, ALDO sells a very similar pair for much cheaper. of course theyre not as high , but the leather is pretty much the same (shiny brown crocco). I have them and love them, wear`em every chance that i get!
    I bought mine here in Brazil but im guessing in the USA they must b selling for about 150-200USD. they have them in a bunch of different colors too!
    they’re 14 or 15cm high (not sure) which is about 7 inches i think.
    well, theyre REALLY high and look fabulous.
    plus they have a hidden internal platform on the front so u dont feel like ur wearing such high heels.

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