Beyonce Knowles Gets In The Game Of Super Bowl Ad Wars

Let the Super Bowl Advertising games begin!

The Super Bowl XLIV is coming up and it’s the one time a year when we don’t fast forward through ads. Etrade and their babies and will be back again this year as will a ton of other companies vying for your attention. To stand out, Vizio is bringing their A game with Beyonce front and center as the new face of the company and direction by three-time Academy Award nominee for cinematography, Wally Pfister, who worked on The Dark Knight and Batman Begins. This is Beyonce’s debut in a Super Bowl commercial, though sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004.

No word yet on what happens in the one-minute spot, but the proud promoter told ET “It’s a little bit of pressure because they have genius commercials, so we have to make sure our commercial is really cool because all the guys will be watching.”

All the guys will probably also be watching the commercial for her new perfume Heat, as well, on repeat. Here’s the one woman promotion machine, promoting her scent at Macy’s in New York City on Wednesday.  She didn’t go head to toe red like she did at her big launch on Tuesday, but she accented her cool blue dress with some hot red heels.