Beyonce Knowles: 2009 Oscars Red Carpet

February 22nd, 2009 // 26 Comments

Oh my. Now, I love that the dress being worn by Beyonce Knowles is a figure-hugging, fishtail design but those crazy gold roses have got to go! She looks like she’s got a lampshade on her feet. I’m not sure who the designer of this was, but this smacks of Tina Knowles.

Gallery Info: Beyonce Knowles on the red carpet for the 2009 Academy Awards.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. sam

    I seem to be the only one bothered by her lack of talent. She is the only performer who continually lip syncs all her performances. To me, she ruins eveything she does. She is completely over rated as a singer, as and actor and performer. Her dresses are atrocious.

  2. WALLE


  3. LeslieD

    I haven’t seen all the dresses this year but so fr most were stunning. However this dress is the ugliest thing EVER–what was she thinking?

  4. JessicaGiovanna

    Gross… looks like another Tina Knowles original piece of @#!#
    Am I the only one who thinks that she sounds like she’s sitting on the washer during spin cycle when she sings?

  5. fly funky diva

    she just needs earrings

  6. laprns

    She is definitely over-rated. Both as a singer/performer and as a “designer”. Her singing is voice overmixed (hence the lip synching in public) and the dance moves are the same ones we did in the early 80′s, just in reverse. As far as the pseudo-fashions, the house of deranged/dereon features knockoffs of vintage Dior and Chanel designs with hideous sequins and flowers hot glued all over them. Even her sunglasses are knockoffs of Chanel and Bulgari.

  7. great

    All of you get a life. She’s great, looks great, and will continue to be great!

  8. I agree with laprns

    One of the worst of the night. She is SOOOO overrated. I don’t blame Etta James for slamming her. She should never be put on that level she does not have the vocal talent. She is like a Britney Spears. She needs a lot of smoke and mirrors to cover up lackluster talent.
    The dress is so awful and she is BORING. Sorry Beyonce but EW.

  9. kaligula

    @sam, you are not alone. she has failed to move past the competence-level of the hottest girl at the high-school talent show. her presence in everything she does is at best cheesy and at worst painfully hollow and narcissistic. the worst is, she seems to really believe she’s a world-class talent. at least mariah carey, who has a similar level of cheese and hilarious lack of authentic performer’s passion, seems to know her place as a mere sexy top-40 pop star. i get the feeling that beyonce on the other hand sees herself as president of the intergalactic federation someday.

  10. anonymous

    im not the biqqest fan of the dress, but I think beyonce is an amazing singer and dancer, and my favorite

  11. chiquitabanana

    Why people still praise this woman is beyond me….c’mon you gotta see her true colors by now….That dress is just hideous, that fabric is horrible! Yuck!

  12. IluvBeyonceandidontgiveaf***whatyallhaterssay

    all of yall who think she is “overrated” needs 2 go die in a whole. yall r such haters. you r probably sum1 who wants 2 b a singer/actor/designer and suck, so u need 2 blame sum1 who is GREAT, and u choose the BEST!!!!! u guys RLY need sum counsiling or mental help, because u seriously have mental issues…….so, like i said b4….STOP HATIN AND DIE N A WHOLE!!!! :)

  13. MooreLA

    I think Beyonce looks stunning as always. She can proudly say say nothing was enhanced on her body, she is real.As far as talent she a very good singer and dancer which is more than I can say for Britney Spears who constantly has robotic moves butis praised..heaven know why? I would have to say Beyonce is not the best actress which seems to want to heavely go into but hopefully will get better with time..but then again there are many singers out there who are not great at acting.

  14. Nicky

    IluvBeyonceandidontgiveaf***whatyallhaterssay, we aren’t haters, we’re just telling the truth. She can’t sing, in her video clips she’s airbrushed to look slimmer and she’s not that attractive. I can think of far better singers to be jealous of such as Alicia Keys who actually has talent and knows how to dress well. Beyonce is boring and totally annoying. And it’s spelt HOLE.

  15. Justin

    first of all before you publish your postings, get your prints right. those are flowers, not horses

  16. Kate

    She looks a hot mess!!What was she thinking.? think shes is overrated as well.She always wearing something really,really,really tight or short.Always showin off her body.She’s a slut her and her ugly husband need to go some where.And have ugly kids.

  17. Patrick clocanas

    yall just a bunch of weepers. jealousy killed the cat people! dont hate on sum1 u bearly knw and ever will knw . she has worked hard enough thats why she has wat she has , u guys cant even afford that dress she s in nw u wanna talk bull ..wat a waste

  18. Zikk

    Wow, I love how she looks
    I kinda agree that she needs to accessorize
    But she pull it off with her body

    She’s great in every way.

    Anyway, Bee never likes accessories
    I think she’s confident enough with her self

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  23. Ayanda

    Beyonce is a self centered person,overated & 2much of herself. She’s so fake! She cant dance,she tries 2hard! Shakira,Ciara &Britney r beta dancers. Beyonce is simply annoying! Ish! If i met her in person i would smash her! Argh!

  24. ARONA

    stop HATING on my girl,she looks beautiful in that dress and no one has the shape to wear it like that but her.. go b you look gorgeous..

  25. ARONA

    stop HATING on my girl,she looks beautiful in that dress and no one has the shape to wear it like that but her.. go B you look gorgeous..

  26. violeth
    Commented on this photo:

    ur hot mamacita stay blessed.we luv u out here

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