Beyoncé and Jay-Z Feud And Make Nice

April 18th, 2008 // 9 Comments


Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s honeymoon period appears to have lasted about as long as Eddie Murphy’s last wedding. This happy moment between the recently wedded couple was short-lived, with witnesses claiming that the couple engaged in a lover’s quarrel at a recent performance of Jay-Z’s at the Hollywood Bowl.

Jay-Z was on stage while the first strains of their collaborative single, “Crazy In Love,” started playing at which point Jay told the DJ, “F**k that. Sorry B. but f**k that–let’s play something else.”

The gist was that he was simply joking around, but a source dished to the The Mirror that the hottest chick in the game was not pleased. “After he came off stage, she confronted him, demanding to know what the hell his comments had been about. She was gesturing wildly and not looking happy,” said the witness.

However, it sounds as if Jay-Z had sufficiently apologized because later in the evening they kissed and made up. Did Jay momentarily forget the hidden track from The Writing’s on the Wall? Thou shall not trip so soon after the wedding.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. joan durtz

    He has got to be the ugliest man is showbiz. I hope they don’t have any son’s because they will be scary.

  2. I’m d craziest jayz/beyonce fan my school,university of nigeria enugu.dey call me r.o.c

  3. Byata

    Jay-z wood have had 2 do alot more dat nite den apologize 2 me if i was beyonce. And 2 dis sumbody lik dat….o he wood have done sum thangs 4 me!

  4. Byata

    Honey jay-z is not near ugly….jay-z is sexy wit them juicy lips

  5. ceejay

    am happy 4 jay-hova n stil jaelous he has beyonce am a big fan of them both ROCA 4 LYF AM ROCAFAMILIAR

  6. Shonda

    Whoever wrote he is the ugliest man in showbiz…U must not think so..u spend so much time starin at him and comparing him..but whethere he’s ugly or not..he’s got..And I quote”the hottest chic in the game wearing his chain…thats right hov..Not D.O.C. similar to them 1 can do it better” and they cant..Maybe thats why he’s one of the top paid..and has more time and real shit to speak about thank any of these rappers..So you seasonl hoes..stop hatin for no reason….

    —>LUV YA JAY<—

  7. mark

    “Jiggi jigga geting girly in the joint n if u aint talking about large money wats the point”I feel Mr. Jay z very much, am a huge fan of his and to tell the truth, the think he deserves B. Good luck JAY

  8. pslyma

    you don t need anything in this world
    you got money&prettiest chick on earth

  9. carew

    They say Money Is Power.And then Money can Bring Handsome..Whoever he is ugly should come out and let us see him…He’s got everything you can thinks of!!!!

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