Beyonce Is The Fun Fearless Female Of 2006

Cosmopolitan has given Beyonce the Fun Fearless Female award of 2006.
What an honor!

Cosmo stated that “in spite of her success and popularity, she’s never fallen prey to the behaviors that have sent so many other starlets over the edge. That means no bitchiness, no train-wreck break-ups, no eating disorders, and no ugly fallouts with her parents. Beyonce’s always been talented and confident, but by going out on her own this year, the pop princess has shown a boldness and independence that earned her Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Female award”.

Commenting on being fearless, Beyonce told Cosmo “I took a risk with acting. It was scary because it was different for me. You just always have to take risks. I always go with my gut, and it’s always right. People are scared to do that.”

Wow, they are now giving out awards for not being a train-wreck. It’s kind of sad that we have to give awards for people being able to keep their shit together.

Beyonce Named Fun Fearless Female of 2006 [Undercover]