Beyonce Is ‘Obsessed’ With Being ‘Gangsta’

April 23rd, 2009 // 4 Comments

Illustrating her light and dark sides in her fashion, Beyonce Knowles stepped out looking angelic in white and like a badass vixen in black. Guess which one is Sasha Fierce?

The singer discussed how she drew on duality of her personality for her role in Obsessed. “[My character] starts off in a great relationship with her husband–very charming, sweet–but when tested, she gets really gangsta.”

Don’t touch her child! Beyonce explains that this transformation came quite naturally to her. “I’m a professional person, so I don’t really get too gangsta, but I am a businesswoman–and I am quite gangsta, I should say. So whenever I have to, in my own way, I have to turn on the gangsta, yes.” Gee, what’s the word of the day?

It’s all that hard-core training at Camp Knowles under the tutelage of Sgt. MatthewI Have No Sense of HumorKnowles.

Gallery Info: Beyonce Knowles outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for the Late Show with David Letterman.

By Lisa Timmons

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