Beyonce Is A Great Babysitter

March 4th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

When Beyonce Knowles isn’t off enjoying mansions and yachts with Jay-Z she enjoys the mere mortal activity of babysitting.

Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles is happy to hand over her son, Daniel Julez Smith, Jr, to the singer. “Beyoncé’s very hands-on,” she told Ok magaazine. “I’ve had two weekends where I’ve been able to hand him over, and it’s been very nerve-racking for me, but she does a great job.”

There is one problem area though when aunt and uncle take on babysitting duties. “They actually request him more than I’m willing to give him. But the bedtimes we got to work on. Sometimes I’ll call expecting him to be asleep, but he’s still up!” You don’t go to bed early when you roll with Jay Z mommy! You got to show you can hang, keep your head up and eyes open and maybe he’ll tell you how to score a second grade girl.

Beyonce headed to the late night after party at the 40 / 40 Clubfor Jay-Z’s MSG concert on Tuesday. See, she knows.

By Madison Ventura

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