Beyonce Hides Stomach On Her Anniversary Weekend With Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z spent their anniversary weekend out and about in New York.

On Saturday they had dinner at Nellos and caught Beyonce’s girl Michelle Williams in Chicago on Broadway. The “Telephone” singer stepped out in some itty bitty jean shorts, t-shirt, Christian Louboutin “Maggie” heels and a Chanel jacket glittered with Chanel necklaces. When Beyonce saw the paparazzi gunning for her she held her hands in front of her stomach and closed that pretty checkered jacket adding fuel to the pregnancy rumors. They jumped in Jay-Z’s customized jeep and security tried to shine flashlights into the camera lenses. The next night, the pair went to Wallse for a quiet dinner and Beyonce wore a loose blue summer dress. Either this is a story around the fact that Beyonce felt like closing her jacket or it’s a good thing she’s been doing all that practice.