Beyonce Has Love For Her Nigerian Fans

The frontwoman for Destiny’s Child had nothing but nice things to say about the audience she received during her stay in Nigeria. The Tide Online reports:

The American super star said she was so impressed that everybody could sing along her music note for note. “I was like in a familiar terrain. The crowd everywhere we went was the same. They were familiar with the lyrics of every song and it was interesting performing before such an audience” she said. Beyonce, who confessed her love for the Nigerian fans said she found the Nigerian fans especially the men very friendly, hospitable and cheerful. “They are nice, the men are real African brothers, she added. “I was shown lots of respect and admiration by the men and it was nice”.

I want Nigerian fans. But I don’t want them to be respectful. I much prefer rowdy fans. Especially the guys. I mean, they’re the whole reason I got into this blogging thing to begin with. Cause you know all the blogger girls get the hot guys.

Beyonce in love with Nigerian fans [The Tide Online]

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