Beyonce Had Tough Time With ‘Dreamgirls’ Role

After qualifying for a hair don’t, Beyonce scores a hair “do,” by pretty much doing nothing with her hair. I am happy to see that she’s back on track.

The singer is hopefully resting up for the barrage of press and promotion that she will be partaking in for her upcoming album “B’Day” and film, “Dreamgirls.” While filming the role of Deena, her character in “Dreamgirls,” she had difficulty leaving the character’s emotions on the set.

Beyonce says: “The material was very difficult in that I had to be moody and angry to make the role work. I was creating drama in my life so that I had something to feed off. I was mad at everyone and they were thinking: ‘What did I do?’

“It was scary for people around me. They suddenly saw a change and were quite frightened at times. That was the only way I could really make it work and build myself up for the part.”

I’m happy to report that Beyonce has finally left Deena behind her.

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Written by Lauren Burch

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