Beyonce Goes Darker

Yes, we’re actually posting about hair color. Here’s Beyonce leaving the party for Diddy and his new smell, “Unforgiveable Woman”. Beyonce ditched the blonde. She looks a little less cheesy than usual. Maybe her mom had nothing to do with this. You know she left the party when Diddy showed that boring-ass obscene perfume commercial where he’s fiddling around under the girl’s skirt. Beyonce is much too Christian to hang around for that mess.

She avoided eye contact with photographers while making a hasty exit after partying with Jay-Z and Diddy at the launch of Diddy’s Unforgivable Woman fragrance, held at The House of Unforgivable, located 9 East 67th Street.

There’s a HOUSE OF UNFORGIVEABLE? Or, did he just rent a place and call it that? Did he open a store? Does anyone want to take a field trip? We have the address. Seriously, HOUSE OF UNFORGIVEABLE?