Beyonce Goes Darker

September 21st, 2007 // 4 Comments

Yes, we’re actually posting about hair color. Here’s Beyonce leaving the party for Diddy and his new smell, “Unforgiveable Woman”. Beyonce ditched the blonde. She looks a little less cheesy than usual. Maybe her mom had nothing to do with this. You know she left the party when Diddy showed that boring-ass obscene perfume commercial where he’s fiddling around under the girl’s skirt. Beyonce is much too Christian to hang around for that mess.

She avoided eye contact with photographers while making a hasty exit after partying with Jay-Z and Diddy at the launch of Diddy’s Unforgivable Woman fragrance, held at The House of Unforgivable, located 9 East 67th Street.

There’s a HOUSE OF UNFORGIVEABLE? Or, did he just rent a place and call it that? Did he open a store? Does anyone want to take a field trip? We have the address. Seriously, HOUSE OF UNFORGIVEABLE?


By J. Harvey

  1. Darth Paul

    Gotta love the names Black folks come up with.

    As for B…eh…I’m well over her traiklin ass.

  2. Orodemniades

    Am I the only one who think she looks better as a blonde?

  3. ghisfr

    House of Unforgivable? damn what that shit again? I know Unforgivable Men & Unforgivable Woman perfumes smell good. But the House? What they do in that House? Hittin?

  4. Sha

    Darth Paul: You are just ignorant! Names the Blacks come up with? What year and what world are you living in? Next time omeone names their child Apple, Rumer, or whatever that is that Julia Roberts called her son, I guess we should be saying “wow, the names the White or Whities come up with”?! No, some people come up with silly names some don’t: no need to get race involved. And hoe is “House of” anything related to race? It’s Diddy! Everyone knows he’s extravagant. Idiot!

    As for Beyonce: these flyaway curls are NOT working. I’m happy she left the blonde behind, but personally thinks she looks the best with brown hair. not too dark or too light.

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