Beyonce Falls For a New Fragrance by Emporio Armani

August 17th, 2007 // 1 Comment

Elizabeth Taylor has her ‘White Diamonds” fragrance and now Beyonce is the new face of the less discriminatory “Diamonds” by Emporio Armani. From the International Harold Tribune:

The 25-year-old pop singer — and new star of the Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance ad campaign — said she has learned to be photo ready at all times.

She carries three pairs of sunglasses (black, gold and brown) in her purse and a pair of nude-colored or gold Christian Louboutin shoes, in case she has to elevate her outfit at a moment’s notice.

In a related story, Farrah Franklin, the former Destiny’s Child member that left the group shortly before they really blew up, is releasing a fragrance of her own called “Cubic Zirconia.” Word on the street is that it smells like the interior of a cadillac deville and wet cats. That’s just what I’ve heard.

“Diamonds” will be in stores next month but a few lucky fans were able to snag an early gift set signed by Beyonce.

By Wayne Ford

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    you can get diamonds on the armani website already:

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