Beyonce Eyes Up Jay-Z

January 23rd, 2006 // 57 Comments

Beyonce isn’t looking like she’s having too much fun watching Jay-Z play poker. She probably would have chosen something else do to in her downtime from shooting Dreamgirls, which opens December 22nd.

Shooting for the film, which is being directed by Academy Award winner Bill Condon, began Jan. 9 at the Palace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. The motion picture will be distributed domestically by DreamWorks and internationally by Paramount.

“Dreamgirls” stars Jennifer Hudson as Effie, Beyoncé Knowles as Deena Jones, Anika Noni Rose as Lorrell Robinson, Jamie Foxx as Curtis Taylor Jr., Eddie Murphy as James “Thunder Early” and Danny Glover as Marty. Condon also wrote the film’s screenplay based on the late Tom Eyen’s book. The film employs the original score by Eyen and Henry Krieger.

More photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z after the jump.

“Dreamgirls” Film — with Knowles, Hudson and Rose — Sets Release Date [Playbill]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. TJEJJ

    I Don’t really care to much for either of them. Beyonce and Jay-Z both do there thing….that’s if there together or apart. Jay-z was an entertainer way before B came along and has continued to do so. When B came along Jay-z was no where in her mind. Everybody’s talking about shit they don’t know about..We all know Jay-z is not handsome..We All know Beyonce is cute..Thats all we know and thats where it stands.

  2. u all need to shut all of yall mouth (no need for disrespect) but there are both talented and there own creative way but i ave to say get married yall and just stop insulting both of themyou guys are sayin that jayz is not a great rapper but why is he almost always in the spolight and even beyonce so lets leave it there they are both unique and yall no need to judge people just because beyonce is with jay maybe she loves him u guys dont just let bee make her own decidition and she will do the right thing yall dont need to go all in her business with her realationship im sorry if this is message effect yall but thins is my persom=nak opinion for all of if u hate them hate them but dont talk about shit if u loved them say somethin loving im just sayin

    holla (no need to direspect yall) love ya

  3. Sabrina

    This negativity is shocking on here, I look at it as admiration people admire Beyonce and Jay Z’s progress so much that it makes them feel bad about themselves so they hate Beyonce and Jay Z because they are sucessful.It seems psychological like “why are they so sucessful they arent all that? Why them and not me they are not better than me? But they are better than you , because you see people who become sucessful dont sit around and hate on other people who are sucessful they are too busy plotting there own progression. Do you ever hear Beyonce talking bad about anyone NEVER you never will she wouldnt waste her energy that way. I dont understand why you people hate her so much you dont even know her personally, what has she done to you? Did she make you loose your home? Did she make you loose your job? Did she kill you pet dog? What provoked all the mean comments and animosity? The only people I speak badly on is someone who owes me money or did something personally to me and I respect Beyonce and Jay Z for keeping there relationship private people are already lieing and spreading rumors and gossip without knowing any details about them so I could imagine what would happen if they went public! Let me say in closing I am happy to see a celeb couple who has been together all these years and no tabloid drama unfolding they kept in private good for them! Beyonce is younger than Jay Z but lots of older men date younger women that is very common she caught him at a time when he was ready to settle down he had already been with numerus groupies and foxy brown and lil kim types he wanted someone different to settle down with and as far as these haters saying Beyonce is a “jumpoff” well that is a lie totally false you dont vacation with a jumpoff you dont take a jumpoff to games and events as your date you dont go to a jumpoff’s sisters wedding and baby shower you dont meet a jumpoff’s family. A jumpoff is not even acknowledged you act like you dont know them when you see them in public. He acts like if he ever marry it would definately be her.

  4. Just Wondering

    At the end of the day they are multi-millionaires while everyone is going back and forth about them and I doubt if they give a flying f*** about what anyone of y’all are saying. Get a life

  5. shima

    I am trying to get into beyonce, but I just don’t think she and jay z make a good couple. It’s all about the street cred thing. But I’m not gonna hate because I’m doing my thing, too. I’m a model, writer and dancer and I don’t have to hate.

  6. ceylan

    I think that people should
    stop making nasty coments
    about beyonce because they dont
    even no her!

  7. cey

    I think that people should not
    judge them because they dont even
    no them

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