Beyonce Eyes Up Jay-Z

January 23rd, 2006 // 57 Comments

Beyonce isn’t looking like she’s having too much fun watching Jay-Z play poker. She probably would have chosen something else do to in her downtime from shooting Dreamgirls, which opens December 22nd.

Shooting for the film, which is being directed by Academy Award winner Bill Condon, began Jan. 9 at the Palace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. The motion picture will be distributed domestically by DreamWorks and internationally by Paramount.

“Dreamgirls” stars Jennifer Hudson as Effie, Beyoncé Knowles as Deena Jones, Anika Noni Rose as Lorrell Robinson, Jamie Foxx as Curtis Taylor Jr., Eddie Murphy as James “Thunder Early” and Danny Glover as Marty. Condon also wrote the film’s screenplay based on the late Tom Eyen’s book. The film employs the original score by Eyen and Henry Krieger.

More photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z after the jump.

“Dreamgirls” Film — with Knowles, Hudson and Rose — Sets Release Date [Playbill]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Berry

    I just don’t get it. Miss B could do soooooo much better. Ew.

  2. PleaseThink

    And knowing he just had a baby with Free and it wasn’t her first time being pregnant by him. Everyone knows that Jay-Z cheats on her but for some reason the media likes to downplay it. I guess because right now Beyonce is the “It” girl but just wait they will turn on her just like they did Brittney and Jessica.

  3. Martina

    He’s one ugly man. His mouth looks like a diseased doody bubble hole.

    Why would she sit next to a man who smokes cigars. That second hand smoke screws with your looks and voice. She’s so pretty.

  4. taytay


  5. CommonSense

    i’m goin to have to agree with Berry.

  6. Sammy

    Like many other stars, this is a business contract relationship. He provides her with street cred(she grew up in an upper-middle class house in a white town), she provides him with class. He definately gets the better end of the deal. He’s one nasty looking dude. Butt ugly!

  7. jeezy

    hes worth $500 million who cares what he looks like

  8. bestdress

    She doesn’t have to do it for money….but yeah I do think it’s about her getting street cred but you know what happen to last person that tried that…WHITNEY HOUSTON!

  9. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    PleaseThink: who is “Free?” is she famous in the USA-ive never heard of her and im from the UK is she Jay-z’s baby mother? i didn’t know he had children at all its not on any website ive looked at saying he has kids, hes always said he wanted to start a family but never had the chance, at least that is what i heard-not being rude just want to know-we get filtered gossip from America over here so not very aware – does he really cheat on her – why is she still in that relationship then?

  10. kel

    rappers are using girl. It’s always the same. look at him with his cigar, so full of himself.

  11. CareKate

    He looks like the dude who played “Anthony” back on that old 90s sit-com chesnut, “Designing Women.” I think the actor’s name was Meschach Taylor, or something like that…. Whatever, he’s fugly and Beyonce deserves better.

  12. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    has jay-z really got kids????????

  13. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    has jay-z really got kids by another woman????????

  14. QueenB

    I don’t get the fact that he will be 37 and she just turned 24? A 13 year age difference in my opinion is huge and it begs the question of why he can’t find someone in his own age bracket? Yeah and I agree with Sammy in that he provides her with her much needed street cred and she provides him with the upper crust flavor that he needs to run Def Jam.

  15. timmons622

    He’s always looked like Scooby Doo to me. Or the Camel camel.

  16. Daniella

    Jay Z has no kids. That was a rumor about him and Free. They have both denied it. She was never even pregnant

  17. doofus

    as with berry and a few others on here, I NEVER understood why a beauty (and talent) like Beyonce would waste her time with JayZ.

    He IS butt-ugly, which I could forgive if he was at least talented. I also never understood people’s attraction to his “music”. he’s a TERRIBLE rapper…no rhythm to his rhymes – he seems to not be in time with the music.

    he seems to be a good business man, but I don’t see how that can make up for the rest that he’s lacking.

  18. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

    Yall act like B is so perfect. That tramp never graduated from high school. Her parents have pimped her out to the world and that is why she is famous. She is not a great singer, dancer or actor. She is ok at best, nothing a boatload of training couldn’t provide!!! Hell I could be Beyonce if I dropped out of school and spent every waking hour in somebody’s studio learning how to sing, dance or act!! She came from a little bit of money but she is not the classy woman that yall are making her out to be. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever heard her speak, she sounds like a complete IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

    Jay on the other hand pulled himself up by his bootstraps and has made himself a hugely successful business man and he hasn’t had to shake his ass like B to get there. He has used his natural talent and intelligence to make himself the 500 million dollar man and the head of Def Jam.

    So lay off of Jay and quit putting that tramp on a pedestal…she AIN’T ALL THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    she has a lot more talent than most other “stars” her age-she can sing, dance, write her own music and is still only 24-you never here of her snorting columbian, sleeping around, exposing herself on reality shows-she isnt royalty but she is pretty much one of few classy people in the entertainment industry today. And if you want to talk about education: Richard Branson who owns Virgin never went to university and failed his A-levels (UK equivalent to high school diploma) and look at him now. And Jay-Z hasnt got an education, he says he sold drugs to make his money before getting into music and is now worth £500+ million dollars, so just because you dont pass exams doesnt mean you are talentless.

  20. Kelsey

    B is one of the most talented popular singers today! Her voice is amazing!! Same with the rest of DC. They all have beautiful voices and I love listening to them belt out those tunes. She is an ‘OK’ actress…probably should stick to comedy at best…she was alright in the austin powers movie…
    But don’t knock her singing. You have to have the talent to sing, then you get trained to sing well. I cannot sing to save my life and no amount to coaching is going to get me on stage without boos.
    Jay-z…well, he is a good businessman, I will give him that….but he must have like a 14 incher to have her though…cuz yikes.

  21. nevermind

    He is older than her and they seem like they have been dating a while. I question why they haven’t gotten married yet (she seems very much the marrying type). If they aren’t together for business reasons and it is for love, she will get bored and leave him. And he probably is a cheater, like most men in hip-hop. She is very attractive, and can get anyone. Someone out there will truly remind her of that, if it isn’t for business reasons. Hell, the pictures sum it up. She already looks bored.

  22. missnee

    the girl can sing, but that is it. she’s not a pillar of class, because girls with class wear panties with a short skirt :) and don’t have their ass cheeks hanging out. just because she isn’t all out showing everything doesn’t mean she’s an example of modern day class. she isn’t even close. her moves are trampish at best. the girl is not to bright…she’s with a 37 year old man for godsakes. and that’s the way jay likes it. it’s a bit easier to control someone at the age of 24 then it is someone in j’s range.

    btw doofus…no all rappers ride the beat when they rap.

  23. MC

    If yall think she is 24 you are so dang clueless
    Beyonce hasn’t be 24 in at least 6 years!!! 24 is her stage age!!! what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND SHE IS A TRAMP!!!!!!!!!

  24. mc

    she needs to be thanking her lucky stars that jay would have anything to do with her aside from being a jumpoff (hookup). i bet she bores the hell out of him

  25. PleaseThink

    IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking: Free used to be the host of 106th & Park on BET. She had the baby in Philadelphia and supposedly just by chance Jay-Z was at the same hospital visiting a cousin that was in the hospital the same day Free was having her baby.

    If Beyonce did not have that blonde weave up in her head nobody would pay her any attention. She is not all that of a singer. Whitney was much better, Christinia blows her away, Jessica is even has as good of a voice (voice I said back down), and Joss Stone is a lot better also.

  26. doofus

    btw, missnee, I’m aware that not all rappers “ride the beat”, but his rapping, quite frankly, sucks.

    there are some rap artists that I like, but this guy just doesn’t do it for me. not melodic at all. sounds like he’s trying too hard to get the words out before the next riff, like he’s trying to catch up.

    when I compare JayZ to someone who can work the dub like Shinehead, it’s just painful to listen to him.

  27. bcousin

    yall need to stop hattin…1. i am from houston, so i know she was raised in a n all black neighborhood……and she is black…y’all white folks need to sit down compairing her beautiful black voice to fake ass skinny ass christina

  28. tocutetoscoot

    Give me a break GIVE ME A BREAK! Jay-Z is an idiot, he is not a GREAT business man. Most of these hip hop guys dont know fuck all about business. They know about the drug game and how to do business in that and then it translates over into dirty money getting you where you want to be. Believe me, I worked in the music industry for 18 years until last year. And know a lot of the behind the scene dirt.

  29. MissNee

    bcousin: you can tell what colour people are by what they type? you’re a piece of work.

    i’m not white, so sit your stupid ass down.

    i’m sure people could pull out a list of black singers that smoke beyonces ass.

  30. MisNee

    doofus: why would you even compare those two?

  31. bcousin

    ummm..listen here honey(missnee)..i was speaking from my point of sit ya lil ass down..bitch i’ll beat yo ass..

  32. doofus

    to bcousin…

    You’ll “beat her ass”? how exactly? with your amazing “hattin” powers? you may be speaking from your point of view, but you’re also telling “white folks” to sit down, as if their opinion isn’t relevant because the topic of conversation ISN’T white. Going by your logic, that means that your opinion of Xtina doesn’t mean diddly.

    to missnee…I know, I know…different styles, but when I hear someone who can rap like Shinehead, or even Will Smith (quality isn’t great, but HE is a good rapper), I can’t see what people like about JayZ. To me, JayZ just doesn’t have the talent that other rappers do.

  33. maryd

    Will Smith a better rapper than Jay Z? you must be crazy, or just basing rapping ability on looks. Compare his new “song” Switch with Jay Z’s cant knock the hustle. no comparison

  34. appauled

    Why do people always have to turn every situation into a racial issue? Come on people it’s not that serious everyone has a right to speak their opinion about something…and if you dont like who the fuck cares, get a life! This message isn’t to anyone in particular but if you’re feeling offended then I’m probably talking about you. Make a fucking comment and move on, Jay Z and Beyonce’ could care fucking less about either of us

  35. Shorykee

    I think they are a beautiful couple, and they always look great together. People need to stop hating they’re normal just like us; they have their good days and their bad they not suppose to look good all the time. They are both talented people and I think it’s great they been together this long, and they should continue to be.

  36. Beyonce Knowles, Destiny Child’s lead singer, actress, style queen and alround contemporary diva, has recently been seen sporting a number of japanese fashion brands. First she was seen sporting a pair of guys Evisu Jeans and most recently she was seen strutting her amazing stuff in a pair of Bape boots.

    It is an undeniable reality that whatever Beyonce wears is “sexy” and consequently cool and fashionable. This leads us to the question: is wearing japanese clothing hip or hype? Whatever your thoughts it’s an undeniable fact that the equation: Beyonce x Evisu x Bape = Financial Success. Throw the name Pharrell Williams into the equation and then you’ve got a recipe for MEGA Financial Success. This is all exciting stuff but it’s too easy to lose sight of a brands substance when it’s cloaked in an aura of contemporary mega stardom!

    Bape and Evisu, Hip or Hype? You decide!

  37. doofus

    to maryd…not basing rapping talent on looks…I’m basing it on what I’ve heard OF their rapping.

    as I said, the QUALITY of Will Smith’s songs isn’t great, but HIS RAPPING is. his rhythms, his flow, his style…Yes, he IS a better rapper in my opinion. not that I’m a fan of his music (it’s a little “safe” for my tastes) but I do consider him to be a better rapper.

    whether you’re talking style like Shinehead, De La Soul, Snoop, KRS 1, Reverend Run, Grandmaster Flash or Mos Def, they all beat JayZ when it comes to talent. as I said, not QUALITY OF MUSIC, but ability to rap.

  38. Bonita

    Their so called relationship is GROSS…. Jay Z is likein basically pushing 40 (he’s like 36 or 37)n Beyonce just hit puberty lol…he’s nearly as old as her dad… that disgustin ur boyfriend is as old as ur dad


    you people are crazy Jay Z is very talented and there is no way in hell that you could compare him to Will Smith. Whom ever said this has never heard any of J’s music and for those who know nothing about the streets can not comment about it. Knowing about the music industry has nothing to do with selling drugs it’s a totally different field. Beyonce I am huge fan of hers so regardless of how she got the talents that she has the point is she has them and majority of you don’t I say you people need to do some research and just stop HATING!

  40. please!!!

    I don’t know why yall are putting B on such a pedestal i have to agree with GIVE ME A BREAK. B is not perfect she should count her blessings that Jay would have anything to do with her. I will be the first to admit that jay may not be traditionally attractive but he still has got that special something. I mean B is clearly a jump off chick she is luck that she is cute because if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have a career, which is based on looks not talent and being jay-z’s woman. she is clearly the benefactor in this relationship. She is his jump off and all he does is help by pushing her career to new heights. even without a high school diploma B is not stupid she is going to hold on to jigga with all of her might because think about it everything that she and her pimps (sorry i mean parents) want he already has and can help her get Talent, worldwide respect ( not for shaking his ass and always being naked onstage), a clothing line, he’s made movies and 2 record companies if you count DEF JAM she has dreams of becomming the next KIMORA LEE. Sorry to burst your bubble but your girl B is all about the come-up. You don’t have to be dirt poor to be a gold-digger.

  41. please!!!

    JAY-Z is not traditionally hadsome but he is very sexy and she looks bored in the picture probably because she is she needs to get a life. even on B’s DRIVEN special on VH1 she doesn’t have any friends that was scrificed when her parents decided that she was going to be the families meal ticket and pimp her out to make a dollar at all costs i mean any parent that would put their young teenage daughter onstage in thos types of outfits to make money would clearly be okay with her dating a man that was so much older that she and clearly doesn’t give a fuck about her ( look he doesn’t even acknowledge her presence in thise pics) as long as she can get something out of it for herself and probably preferrably the family. THE KNOWLES FAMILY ANYTHING TO MAKE A DOLLAR.

  42. lOL

    god dam beyonce u a fine sexii ass gurl god u got a fat ass i will fuk u 24-7 i love u babe

  43. musickley_muzikal28

    THIS IS Crazy!!!!!!If beyonce and jayz are happy with each other and they have been together this long It’s ovious that they really love each other.So to the ones who say she shouldnt be with jayz who the f*** are you to say that???You are not beyonce and your not jayz so u can’t say who she shouldnt be with.If u are with someone based on what everybody esle think then u have a serious problem.That’s whats wrong with men and women now they are so stuck on looks and material things.Thats why u always end up getting hurt,divorced, or just simpley falling out of love with that certain person..Its because u wasnt in the relationship for all the right reasons to begin with.”Beyonce” is a grown woman and if jayz is who she chooses to be with and who she loves then it is what it is .She dont even know u exist so .lay off them and GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN!!

  44. juslookin'

    I may not be a fan of either Beyonce or Jay-z, but he is ugly and it is unusual for someone so yound to be so smitten with someone like that unless there is an underlying motive. With her looks, why would she waste her time on a man who cheats?
    Will Smith is a great rapper in his own right. Just because he’s “safe”, and doesn’t use “bitches” and “ho’s” doesn’t mean he is a weak rapper. On the contrary, to be able to get your point across without demeaning women or a race of people takes a lot of talent. I will be a fan of his forever.

  45. babe

    I hated the fact that they were together, but love has no flaws, being raised in New York and somewhat like jay z I’m quite proud of his accomplishmnets personally i think he could of did better. She is a beautilful woman no doubt but most of her talent is not based on a banging voice its her shape and looks that has most of everybody’s attention. Just like Janet Jacksonif Beyonce’ gained weight and couldn’t shake anymore who would care what was coming out of her mouth. He may not be all of that but he looks good on paper. He could have gotten a down to earth woman to build something with not someone who in my opinion and this is just my opinion is very superficial hope that’s spelled right and can’t hold a decent interview.

  46. babe

    I have to agree with giveme a break, you are so on it. She was definitely pimp by her parents. Think yall if it wasn’t for wyclef putting the spin on no, no,no, no, no it would have been destiny who. Personally speaking Kelly can blow but she doesn’t have the look or the booty so she gets no points.


    Oh my gosh its funny how most of u are basing jay-z’s interest on B on the photo, i mean please, i don’t see her paying any genuine interest in what he’s doing. Besides think we’ve all seen picks of the two genuinly looking INTO each other. So what he doesn’t leap on chairs on the oprah winfrey show like tom cruise. They’ve been together bout 4 years and as far as i know they’ve been subtle.

    I mean who would we rather see B with Denzel Washington and jigga with lil kim or trina.HA

    In the words of MAXWELL ‘love isn’t chosen’ so CHILL OUT

  48. danielle

    jay z is very ugly but he has that money and thats what beyonce and her father likes

  49. dwayna

    beyonce and jay-z look as if they can make it.
    jay-z is ugly but so what he love beyonce and she love him.that’s a fucking whore

  50. Wisdom

    People, people, PEOPLE. I respect each of your indiviudual opinions but DAYUM..B and Jay must be tripping all over themselves with all tha hating thats going on up in here. Think about all the time are wasting judging two people that don’t give to fucks about you, let alone know ur ass even exists. Let them do they, thing..who cares why they are together or the reasons that they are together? The only people that should be concerned if anything are their closests friends and relatives.And even then, they are grown ass individuals that can make their own choices and decisions…They are doing their thing man…and thats prolly why you in here hating.STOP WASTING TIME AND GET YOURS! 1

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