Beyonce and Jay-Z Get Their Nesting On

Because I’m a sucker for anything that features Beyonce making over fifty costume changes, I can’t write anything about her lately without some “Dreamgirls” song starting to play in my head. So bear with me if random lyrics from the movie (*”Curtis, I’m you’re WOMAN!”*) randomly appear. But back to reality–well, as close to it as we like to get. TMZ reports that the couple’s recent activity may indicate that the two are inching towards officially settling down.

The couple checked out several cribs while vacationing in the Dominican Republic over the holidays. According to E! Online, they visited Oscar de la Renta’s Casa de Campo, a private community that features secluded beaches, police and fire departments and 20 swimming pools.

TMZ also added that Beyonce recently purchased a white Guy Laroche gown, but unfortunately, it will all just be speculation until we know for sure–that is, when my Evite finally lands in my inbox. And I’m sorry friends, I wish I could take you with, but I have a feeling they’ll be limiting the additional guest option.

Beyonce to Jay-Z: I Want That Ring — Now! [TMZ]