Beyonce And Jay-Z Have More Money Than You

Who cares when you celebrate Valentine’s day when you get to do it in a 16 million dollar water-front mansion and aboard a luxury yacht in Miami. Beyonce Knowles  went from her concert in Trinidad to mansion and Jay-Z joined her after his show in the UK for some wine and cuddles on the boat. The two reportedly skyped on the most romantic day of the year so this might be a make-up getaway or just a chance to spend time together.

Miami for vacation and Trinidad and Rio de Janeiro for work…so not fair. She does work hard for the money.

The Forbes top earning couple should have no problem paying for some time at the 8 bedroom, 9 bathroom mansion and on the 100 foot yacht. Let’s play a game called who do we think has more money. Jay-Z has been around longer, but Beyonce has some crazy endorsement money.