Beyonce Finally Got To Him

Photos: Getty Images

Beyonce and Jay-Z have taken out a marriage license in Scarsdale, NY! It’s good for 60 days. You did it, B! That’s just enough time for her to promote the mess out of her upcoming wedding, and sign every related endorsement deal she can.

Look for her shilling everything from wedding veils to Florian Hall in Dorchester for your beautiful reception that will create the memories of a lifetime. Her dad Matthew Knowles will make sure that gravy train doesn’t pass through the station without them boarding.

03′ Bonnie and Clyde acquired their license yesterday morning. Beyonce’s rep says “no comment” about the possible wedding and Jay-Z’s couldn’t be reached.

This could be the wedding of the century. I can’t wait to see if she uses the remainders of Destiny’s Child as bridesmaids or hires models instead. Will Michelle and Kelly even be invited? They’ll probably be seated near the kitchen at the reception. I wait with bated breath. What the hell does that mean?