Jay-Z’s Got 99 Problems and Planning a Wedding Might Be One

January 3rd, 2008 // 4 Comments

What you’re looking at here is a close examination of the evidence presented to us. After taking a long, hard look at Beyonce’s accessories, most specifically the jewelry adorning her hand, it’s hard not to notice the ring she’s sporting on her ring finger. Despite her long-standing denials of an engagement to long-term boyfriend, Jay-Z, Beyonce is clearly dedicated to their relationship, having shown up at Jay’s club opening in Vegas on New Year’s Eve. The ring on her finger further fuels the fire of the rumor that she and the rapper are secretly married and/or engaged. In an interview in last November’s Vanity Fair, she responded to the question of whether or not she knew these rumors existed by saying, “No, I didn’t…I’m not. But I’m ‘engaged’ and ‘married’ at the same time?” I certainly hope not and if she is, I think we need Janet Jackson to stage an intervention and remind Beyonce just how successful “secret” celebrity marriages tend to be…based on my knowledge of the one that I know of that ended badly.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. AshleyCalifornia

    That ring looks more like a cocktail ring worn for the occasion. It’s not very engagement righ-ish or pretty, for that matter.

  2. Ugh

    Agree, it doesn’t look like an engaement ring to me either. HATE the shoes!

  3. Cat

    hate the dress & shoes….looked like ready to pop up top.

  4. nataki

    stop hating on beyonce guys, to me she looks pregnant or something cause, she is looking extra chubby. The make up is definately not doing it either. It is about time beyonce got that that guy to marry her, Only god knows what they were waiting for. They could have done it long time ago and not have kids for a while. What is the wait all about any way.

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