Beyonce Shows Support To Frank Ocean Following His Coming Out [PHOTOS]

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Less than a week ago, Frank Ocean shared his sexuality in a tumblr post, claiming at one point he had romantic feelings for a man.

Beyonce ( aka THE QUEEN), showed support in an online letter to the R&B artist. The content of the letter basically said “Be Fearless, Be Honest, Be Generous, Be Brave, Be Poetic, Be Open, Be Free, Be Yourself, Be In Love, Be Happy, Be Inspiration” and was hand written over a picture of Frank Ocean.

Celebrities have been weighing in on the heated discussion of sexuality a lot lately (not that some haven’t before, but recently it seems to be a trending discussion). The open conversation appears to be gathering lots of voices, from celebs who are coming forward about their sexuality to celeb supporters.

One surprising voice came from country singer Carrie Underwood, saying “I definitely think we should all have the right to love”. Reactions to her brave step forward has been mixed. She has gained fans and lost a few who hold the Bible too close to their belt.

But with great power comes great responsibility. Celebrities owe it to their fans and to themselves to be honest, despite the cost.