Beyonce Rides Rollercoaster During Coney Island Video Shoot

That folks is the picture of Beyonce having a good ole time!

The singer was pictured riding a rollercoaster in Coney Island yesterday (August 29, 2013), for a video shoot with photographer Terry Richardson.

The star was seen sporting a Notorious B.I.G. cap and an array of gold necklaces as she enjoyed the thrill rides. She unleashed her inner child as she rode the park’s famous wooden rollercoaster, the Cyclone.

Some bystanders told E! News about seeing the singer at the amusement park.

“We saw her when she was riding on the rides. First two times it was her backup dancer. The third time it was her. She was sitting in the front,” they explained. ” She was holding on to her hat, so we knew it was her…Pretty cool. And like she would always say on her tumblr., on her website, ‘Bey Good.'”

A fan shot this Instagram video of Beyonce in action.

Launch the gallery to click through and see Beyonce looking like she was having a blast on Coney Island.

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