Beyonce Okay With Being A Bitch

Beyonce, who is still travelling around the world with her husband Jay-Z as he continues to tour with U2, debated whether or not to include footage of a fan calling her a bitch on her recent dvd.

“There was a fan that was dying to meet me and because he did not get the response that he thought he should, he was quite upset, and I thought, ‘Do I really want to put this in the DVD?’ I sympathized with the fan, because I understand when you respect someone and you admire them and you support them, you just want a ‘hello’. But I also understand that it’s impossible to please every person,” she said.

“I figured it was a great lesson, because people judge people and they assume things and they have expectations. It happens to everyone, even if you’re not famous, it happens.”

The thing is – I’m willing to bet that Beyonce really is a bitch. Have you read all the rumors and proof of her stealing people’s credit and work all the time? Google it. It’s amazing. Or watch our post on 7 guys doing Beyonce better than the diva herself.