Beyonce Okay With Being A Bitch

December 20th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Beyonce, who is still travelling around the world with her husband Jay-Z as he continues to tour with U2, debated whether or not to include footage of a fan calling her a bitch on her recent dvd.

“There was a fan that was dying to meet me and because he did not get the response that he thought he should, he was quite upset, and I thought, ‘Do I really want to put this in the DVD?’ I sympathized with the fan, because I understand when you respect someone and you admire them and you support them, you just want a ‘hello’. But I also understand that it’s impossible to please every person,” she said.

“I figured it was a great lesson, because people judge people and they assume things and they have expectations. It happens to everyone, even if you’re not famous, it happens.”

The thing is – I’m willing to bet that Beyonce really is a bitch. Have you read all the rumors and proof of her stealing people’s credit and work all the time? Google it. It’s amazing. Or watch our post on 7 guys doing Beyonce better than the diva herself.

By Justin Thompson

  1. Hellokitty

    But does stealing credit really make someone a bitch. I had a professor that once said, ideas are free. At the end of the day it’s all about execution. How well you execute your idea is what separates the good artist from the bad. But then again, Beyonce jacks people’s execution not their actual ideas sooooo. But she’s not a bitch. She nicer than a lot of people.

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