Beyonce & Jay-Z Enjoy Dinner In London, You’ll Never Believe How Much Their Dublin Hotel Room Costs

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Before we talk about anything else, can we take a minute to appreciate Beyonce’s outfit? I love how it’s casual while still being classy and chic.

I think I’d love that dress in every color. Oh, and those shoes too.

Jay-Z doesn’t look too pleased, but I can’t blame him. Cameras flashing in your face right after you’ve had dinner must not be very relaxing.

For €14,000, Beyonce will be renting out the Penthouse Suite at the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Dublin. Don’t worry, she’s not paying that for just a single room. To accommodate her entourage, the singer is renting out the executive double rooms and all of the executive suites.

In addition to the rooms, she’ll have 24-hour access to a butler. How dreamy that sounds.

Did you know model, Cara Delevingne was a huge fan of Beyonce? The model was spotted twerking away at an after-party.

If only we could all look that gorgeous dancing.One can dream.

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