Beyonce Is Pregnant In New York, Won’t Reveal Sex Of Baby

Oh that Beyonce. Look at her being all pregnant and stuff and still looking so happy. That’s a good thing. Cause you know that once February comes around she and Jay-Z won’t be getting any sleep and will probably want to punch whoever they meet in the face. Seriously, how do celebrities have kids? Aren’t they busy?

Beyonce was spotted in New York today wearing a white shirt with a bottle on it that says “Love Potion No. 9″ right over her belly. Beyonce has been having some trouble with rumors that her belly isn’t real, but don’t worry guys, this Australia news channel cleared it up saying she has a mother’s glow. Yup.

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Beyonce’s mom, Tina, told US Weekly that she is very excited about grandbaby number 2. They’ve already 7-year-old Julez, Solange Knowles’ son. And guess what. They already know the sex of the baby but don’t want to say till the baby is born in February. Fine. I guess we can wait.

Also, Beyonce’s bump needs to decide on a size. I swear it keeps changing. Like, in these photos it’s not that big, but then in this set of photos she looks ready to burst. Someone explain! It makes me sad we won’t be getting music videos like this one from her anytime soon. All the moving has got to be bad for the baby.