Beyonce To Star In Clint Eastwood Remake Of ‘A Star Is Born’

January 22nd, 2011 // 2 Comments

To me, Clint Eastwood is a god. Almost every movie that he has directed turns into box office or critical gold (minus Invictus, which I thought was a total bust). And now he has signed on to remake A Star is Born, with Beyonce as the lead!


Clint is a great director for this project, considering he is extremely music-oriented. He planned to major in music theory during his college years, and ended up scoring most of his recent films, including Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, and Changeling.

For all of you non-film-buffs out there, A Star is Born was originally made in 1937 and revolves around an up and coming singer/actress. It has been remade twice, once starring Judy Garland and once starring Barbra Streisand. Beyonce, pictured at a Lorraine Schwartz jewelry collection launch in November, is set to star in the latest remake, although her leading man has not been cast. Will Smith is rumored to be the front runner, although P Diddy, Eddie Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and Jon Hamm’s names have all been floating around. Who would you like to see acting opposite Beyonce?

By Andrea Paul

  1. alf

    Clint Eastwood knows what he is doing. He would not put his reputation on the line for a poorly planned project, I look forward to A Star is Born.

  2. anon Ymus

    —-’Star Is Born’ is the most done-to-death of Hollywood retreads and ALWAYS
    handed to stars on the way out of their prime (Gaynor, Garland, Streisand).
    Beyonce’s way toooo young for this.

    MEANWHILE, Eastwood, having been caught fronting a string of Globalist-think and RED China ‘eugenics friendly’ pictures (Million Dollar Baby, IWO trilogy etc. etc.) —also BAULKED even his own link to the awesomely important, profoundly
    relevant 60th Anniversary of the KOREAN WAR last year.

    With ‘Star’ he moves on from on board and soldout —to utterly clueless and routine.

    ———————————–STEER CLEAR

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