Beyonce Gets Bottom Slapped By Fan, Kelly Rowland Breaks Down Singing New Song About Beyonce Rivalry

Beyonce At The Grammys
Beyonce hits the red carpet at the 2013 Grammy Awards.
How dare they! An overly excited fan slapped Beyonce’s butt during a concert last night (May 27, 2013) in Copenhagen.

The singer threatened to have the man removed after being hit during a performance of “Irreplaceable” during her Mrs Carter Show (watch video below).

The star is heard saying: “I will have you escorted out right now, alright?” Meanwhile, in Washington on Sunday (May 26, 2013), Kelly Rowland surprised fans when she broke down in tears during her performance of new single “Dirty Laundry.” 

In footage filmed by fans at the concert, Kelly can be seen sitting on a stool belting out the song however, minutes later she bursts into tears when singing the line “turnin’ me against my sister” in reference to Beyonce, putting her head in hands as she tries to compose herself.

Explaining her decision to candidly open up on her personal life, Kelly told the audience at the concert: “Doing this song for me was so therapeutic. Honesty, like my mama always says, is always the best policy.” Check that video out below.

All is good now between the pair. Beyonce and their Destiny’s Child bandmate Michelle Williams have teamed up with Kelly for a new song called “You’ve Changed.”

It’s the trio’s first joint-offering since the Pharrell Williams-produced “Nuclear” for January’s Destiny’s Child compilation Love Songs. Take a listen to the totally catchy tune.

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