Beyonce Doesn’t Wear Shoes Because She’s Beyonce, Jets Off With Blue Ivy

Things Beyonce does not need: shoes. You know why? Because she’s Beyonce guys.

The  musical superstar was clearly over the whole shoe craze as she and daughter Blue Ivy were spotted leaving Puerto Rico. Look at her, just smiling for the paparazzi, not caring that at any point she could step on something sharp and hurt herself.

See guys, even if you have money to spend on a $6,000 a day vacation, sometimes you don’t need footwear. I do think it’s funny that Blue Ivy is wearing shoes though. 

I tried the whole “no shoes” thing when I was a kid. Then I stepped on a branch and never did it again. I can’t wait to see what other exciting things Beyonce is going to do on her tour. Although we should stay away from almost getting pulled off stage by a fan exciting. That’s a bit much.

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