Beyonce Chops Off Her Hair, Debuts New Pixie Cut

Beyonce Vs A Fan
Beyonce's hair gets caught in a fan! Ouch.
The superstar shared a few new photos of herself on Instagram with a pixie cut. I’m guessing that the cut was Beyonce’s fuck you to fans around the world!

The new style comes just two weeks after the pop megastar caused panic at her concert in Montreal, Canada, when her blonde stresses got entangled in the blades of a fan as she belted out the lyrics to her anthem “Halo.”

Seeing some humor in the incident, Beyonce reworked the lyrics to “Halo” to include the incident, writing: “Gravity can’t begin to pull me out of the fan again.” 

Beyonce is in the midst of her world tour which will next taker her across the pond to the UK’s Hyland Park in Chelmsford on 17 August, before returning to the States on 31 August.

Check out the divas new look by launching the gallery.

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