Beverly Hills…That’s Where I Want to Be

Instead of arguing over the last of the eggnog while opening matching sets of Whinny the Pooh overalls and yelling at random family’s children jacked up on Mountain Dew and candy canes celebs hit Rodeo drive. Most likely seeking refuge from distant family members and forced hours of board games with Grandma Dorothy and her bad wig, Chanel, Prada, and Barney’s played host to several A-Listers.

Kayne West enjoyed some time at Prada before bumping into Cedric The Entertainer. After a somewhat awkward hello and “bitch I gotta get to Barney’s” the two went on their merry way. Then Tommy Lee who was a mere few feet away strolled by with a smile.

Katherine McPhee who apparently wasn’t in the holiday mood as she left Chanel looking sour. Meanwhile Pink and husband Carey Hart skipped along the street as Carey happily carried several bags of goodies. And stick figure Kate Bosworth looking like shit exited Barney’s with a happy smile hiding behind huge black sunglasses.

More photos of the celebs shopping in Beverly Hills after the jump.

Rodeo Drive The New Walk Of Fame? [Hollyscoop]

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