‘Beverly Hills, 90210′ Beach House For Sale

Save up your pennies, young children of West Bev.  The Beverly Hills, 90210 beach house Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin called home since their freshman year at CU is on the market.  Actually situated in Hermosa Beach (20 miles from Beverly Hills) 1610 Lighthouse Road was supposed to be set in Venice Beach.

According to People, the 2900 square-foot, 6-bedroom Hermosa Beach house is selling at a reasonable $9 million.  Think of it as owning a piece of history.  Donna lied to Felice about living with David here, then she was almost raped here sophomore year, then she lost her V card to David here grad night (not high school. She was too drunk!).  The memories alone are worth $9 million.

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Donna Martin Tori Spelling was spotted at Barney’s New York April 3rd with husband Dean McDermott and their kids, Liam and Stella.  Spelling announced Monday on Twitter she’s pregnant with her third.  Perhaps I can interest you two in a beachfront property for your growing family…

Share with us your best memories of the 9-0 the beach house.