Betty White Rocks It Out

Who doesn’t love Betty White? She’s starring with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in romantic comedy The Proposal, and she’s doing a little promotion on Fuse’s No. 1 Countdown show for the film. From the clips I’ve seen from the film, she looks like she steals more than a few scenes from her co-stars.

Betty White said her experience making the film one of the best she’s had in years and that work was like going to a party. It was also the best script was the best thing she had read in years.

I’m sure that due to the fact that she got to flirt with Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James on more than one occasion made working on the film that much more enjoyable.

Plus Betty White loves playing beer pong, so you know you gotta love her. Check out that video by clicking the continue reading link below.

Gallery Info: Betty White Visits Fuse’s No. 1 Countdown to promote The Proposal