Betty White Crashes The Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2009 had one clear winner: Betty White.

Her Snickers commercial topped the 22nd annual Super Bowl Ad Meter for most liked commercial and catapulted her back into the mainstream.

Later that year she starred alongside Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal and hosted SNL! With a career that spans across 71 years, Betty White still has the best years of her career ahead of her.

And she wants to give someone else the chance to steal the Super Bowl spotlight and roll around in ‘dem dollar bills she’s flashing around!

On Wednesday, Betty White kicked off the
recruiting for the 5th annual Doritos and Pepsi MAX
“Crash The Super Bowl” contest.

The contest offers an six :30 Super Bowl ad spots for consumer-created
commercials. An ad contract and a $5 million payout is on the line for the ad
that sweeps the top three rankings of the USA TODAY Ad Meter.