Bethenny Frankel Blasts Gisele’s Breastfeeding Comment, Cries A Lot

Bravo star Bethenny Frankel, is not happy with Gisele Bundchen and her crazy ass comments about breast feeding. Not at all! Gisele discussed her post baby weight loss recently and proclaimed “there should be a worldwide law…that mothers should breast-feed their babies for six months.”

So now Bethenny Frankel is going to fight for the women out there who for one reason or another cannot breast feed or feel they do not need to. Us News has the scoop on Frankel’s fight for fairness.

“It’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding experiences, but it isn’t for everyone,” Frankel said. Frankel recently had a baby girl in May.

Gisele Bundchen has since apologized for her mean meany jerkyface comments defending boobs and milk. Not that I need or want to stand up for Gisele, who brags about how easy it is to lose your baby weight or give birth naturally. But seriously? There are worse things to freak out about, breast feeding really shouldn’t be one of them.