Bethenny Frankel Quits Reality Television

Bethenny Frankel is photographed shooting her new TV show in NY.
Reality television personality Bethenny Frankel has decided to end her television show Bethenny Ever After following season three.

Frankel, who has come under attack regarding the authenticity of her “reality” show, plans to spend time pursuing other business ventures. Perhaps Frankel has finally realized that after selling the SkinnyGirl brand for $120 million, there’s really no need to work.

Bethenny expressed that she wants to end the series on a high note, and isn’t interested in having her daughter Bryn grow up on TV. However, sources say she is still open to working with Bravo in the future. Frankel is pictured in a frilly white top during a Bravo panel, where she shared her thoughts on the transformation of reality TV, including the recent firing of co-star Jill Zarin and the decision to air footage of Russell Armstrong.

When asked about former friend Jill Zarin, Frankel said,”It just happens that they make it a little fresher. I’m sure she’ll find exactly what she’s looking for. It probably just stings a little bit. It’s a little bit difficult. She has her own way of dealing with it. I’m sure it’s difficult for her a little bit to watch what’s going on with me. Maybe if I were in her position, that’d be difficult for me, too. She handles it the way she knows how.”

While Frankel avoided directly answering a question about the late Armstrong, she did address the changing dynamics of reality TV, saying, “Now, people who sign on to do reality shows, they have a preconceived notion. They’ve seen it already and some people probably show a more dramatic side of their lives and are more dramatic because they want to up the ante. Certainly on Bravo the shows are real. It’s really happening.”

A new season of Bethenny Ever After premieres February 20th on Bravo.