Bethenny Frankel Promotes Children’s Health Fund in NYC

June 20th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Leave it to family [wo]men Bethenny Frankel to hit the streets – literally, to promote awareness of and support the Children’s Health Fund’s (CHF) Check-in for Checkups program.

Now that she’s made $120 million off her SkinnyGirl deal, Frankel decided to give back with a little charitable work last Thursday (which might encourage a little sympathy in court). She took to the streets of New York City, encouraging consumers to check in at and support the cause.

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Through the Check-in for Checkups program, which is a joint collaboration between the CHF, Clorox and Frankel, America can make their healthy habits count twice: once for themselves, and once to help support CHF’s goal of providing checkups for children in need. For every healthy habit checked-in , Clorox will donate 10 cents to CHF, up to $100,000, as part of its challenge to get one million check-ins this summer and help support CHF’s  goal of providing half a million checkups for children in need across the country.

Visit to learn more about this great cause!

By Samantha Eng

  1. Jennifer B

    She is so fugly. I can’t stand looking at her.

  2. rebecca

    I hope she donated some of her own money! She always wants everyone else to buy her old crap and she will match the amount of whatever that crap sold for on Ebay. I don’t really get that. All of the people making bids are average hard working people who have to donate their own money. I’m not saying it’s not okay to make bids on items but really, I would be embarrassed if I was that rich and was matching only $200-300 dollars here and there as her items never sell for that much money. If she made $120 million she should be donating a hell of a lot more than that. I truly hope she donated money to the cause in this article. It would be totally pathetic if she didn’t.

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