Bethenny Frankel Makes An Interesting Fashion Statement With Hello Kitty Pajama Pants [PHOTOS]

Bethenny Frankel
The star walked the runway at The Heart Truth show.
So, umm, Bethenny Frankel, what’s up with your pants?

The normally incredibly well-dressed star was spotted in New York City yesterday (December 9) wearing some pretty interesting pajama bottoms. Who knew that Bethenny was so into Hello Kitty?

While it’s obvious that most stars dress down while at home, it’s still pretty entertaining when we see them sporting home clothes out in public. Bethenny’s daughter Bryn doesn’t seem too phased by mommy’s pants. Also, how is Bethenny able to carry all that stuff, and carry her daughter and walk the dog all at the same time? Super powers?

That’s clearly the only answer. Maybe that’s what the pants are! Super pants! I realize the absurdity of that statement, no need to point it out.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Bethenny and her Hello Kitty pajamas. What do you think of her strolling look? Bold? Silly? Wish you had a pair of those bottoms yourself? Sound off in the comments!