Bethenny Frankel Shows Off Her Hot Bod In A Bikini

Holy bikini body, Bethenny Frankel looks amazing!  The Bethenny Ever After reality star was seen walking along the beach with her hubby Jason Hoppy while vacationing beach side with friends and family.  Even hubby looks beach ready during the fall season, showing off his chiseled physique in some really flowery board shorts.  Bethenny has admitted in the past that she’s too thin but by the looks of it, the mama of 1 has been working hard to put some meat on her bones.  And she looks great!

PHOTOS:  Bethenny Frankel hangin’ out with little Bryn Casey

It’s understandable that the super couple looks that good; they’re crazy busy chasing around little Bryn Casey Hoppy.  Running around after a child sounds like a crazy workout.  Regardless of the constant battle Bethenny has to keep the Hoppy household in order, she admits that she’s still a neurotic cleaner even after having Bryn.  That’s the reason why she’s teamed up with Clorox’s Bleach It Away to give away $25,000.

“Clorox is launching the Bleach It Away program to help make sure moms are prepared to tackle the next messy Bleachable Moment in their lives. They’re asking moms to share their Messy Moments on and Clorox will reward them for sharing and surviving with the chance to win $25,000!”