BET Awards Pays A Moving Tribute To Whitney Houston [VIDEO]

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You best get your tissues ready! There won’t be a dry eye left in this place by the time we’re through!

That’s exactly what the producers of the 2012 BET Awards must have been thinking when they put together a 20-minute tribute to the legend herself, Whitney Houston. And it’s amazing. You can watch the full video of the tribute after the jump, but allow me to recap it for you by the amount of tears you will shed.

We start off with Mariah Carey telling us about her love of Whitney. No tears, just lots of awws. That’s followed up by two amazing performances, first from Monica singing “I Love the Lord,” and next from Brandy singing “I’m Your Baby Tonight” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”  No tears, just a lot of dancing. Ready for when the waterworks really start?

As soon as Whitney’s brother, Gary Houston, takes the stage to perform “Where You Are.” The tears are starting to get pretty serious and they literally explode out of your eyes by the time Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, comes out and performs an incredibly moving rendition of “Bridge Over Trouble Water,” which she dedicates to to “Nip,” her nickname for Whitney.

So, by this point you’re weeping like a child who just had his candy stolen. Following Cissy, Whitney’s Waiting to Exhale co-stars Lela Rochon, Loretta Devine and Angela Bassett reminisced about the star. Tears are going down slightly. Then by the time Chaka Khan rocks the house with “I’m Every Woman” you’re moving again.

It’s a whirl-wind of emotion! Check out the video below and tell us if you followed the pattern above.